About Us

Our Philosophy

Good Dog Training School is a canine training organization based on the philosophy of positive training methods and having fun with your dog. Founded by Bob Burkhardt this philosophy was developed during Bob’s 25 years of experience. Purchased in 2008 by Lynne Moore, Good Dog Training School continues to promote this philosophy. Our mission is to train the family dog by educating the family. By modifying the behavior of both family and dog we can reduce behaviors such as fear, separation anxiety, jumping, not accepting a leash, lunging at other dogs and people, digging, excessive barking, and resource guarding of food and toys.

Your Results

After our training your dog becomes a more integrated part of your family, which now behaves more like a pack. Your dog learns to be an exemplary pack member willing to follow, not be afraid, not be anxious over separation, not jump up all the time, accept a leash, not lunge at other dogs or people, quit digging or barking excessively, and not guard food or toys.